…but very little to say at the moment. WordPress was super easy to install, so that’s cool. I may migrate my old Blogger content over here eventually–it depends largely on whether I continue writing or not.

In the spirit of my sometimes-weekly project updates from that blog, here’s a choice selection from my recent SVN checkin comments:


I’ve actually been doing primarily content creation and not programming this year. I’m currently just trying to put together a vertical slice consisting of the first level of the game, to include three weapons, two enemies, and all core gameplay components. When that’s done, I’ll solicit feedback, first from game-savvy acquaintances, then perhaps a second round with less ludically-inclined family and friends. From there, the plan is to build out the remaining (3 + tutorial) levels for a release sometime next year. It’s taking a very long time to make this game, but it’s still fun and I’m looking forward to sharing it.